Screen Printing

We will require a suitable copy of your design to enable us to prepare your logo for screen printing. Jpeg files would be ideal, but we can work from good quality hard copies. Remember complex designs in many colours may be achievable on your computer screen, but may not be practical when it comes to printing clothing!

We will need to know where the logo is to be applied on to the clothing item so that we can determine the size of the printed logo.

A small or large logo will cost exactly the same, however a screen will need to be prepared for each colour in your logo. Cost per screen is £20 plus vat. so for example, if your logo is in three colours this will incur a set up cost of £60.00 plus vat.

The Screen printing preparation is a one off cost. Once your logo has been designed and prepared, it is always there for future use and can be applied to almost all clothing items.

The printing of each individual item will cost between 85p and £2.50 plus vat. We will confirm the exact costs once we have seen your design.

Ideal products for screen printing are T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, hooded tops, nylon bags etc.